PARASYTE EVE banded during the first lockdown

due to the corona virus in Bielefeld, GER 2020.


After writing "You", Olli sent it out to Bjoern for an opinion. He knew him as a music producer.

They were aware of each others existence but they haven't ever met before. 

Bjoern listened and arranged it as he felt the song - the Parasyte found it's new host.


Six months later Olli and Bjoern met for the very first time in person.

Thanks to modern technologies, they created 23 songs before without spending a single second in the same room. It went beyond any friendship straight to a close brotherliness.



"We have something here." needed a name. Created during a worldwide pandemic - in times when culture and music had to take a deep silent breath, it felt like something rising from the ashes. But not like a virus beyond corona itself.  It was something else. Evolved and organic. In need of energy to give it back - PARASYTE EVE


Andreas and Bjoern were close since many years and worked as musicians together on stage and in the studio for crossover musical projects in general.

He was on fire immediately after listening to the whole material and contributed his skills and musical experiences to what PARASYTE EVE is now.


There are only a few moments when everything fits together to light up the darkest periods in life.
So they took the chance, wrote their hearts out and played them against walls, suffering and doubts - right to this point.

Three experienced men, professional musicians, fathers and husbands - sharing their stories, willing to go far to keep this kind of music where it always belonged.


Several attempts to enlarge the band failed. PARASYTE EVE was complete as a trio without knowing in the beginning. 

But this is not definite to last. Who knows the future?


Socially critical but no explicit lyrics carried by Olli´s crisp and unique voice that startet it all.

Energetic and powerful arrangements - thick wood but no metal.

An ideal fusion of handmade modern rock, storytelling and commerce.

Parasyte Eve is not signed.


A real life "phoenix from the ashes" story.

And we hope it rises on for many years...


















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