Parasyte Eve was founded during the first Covid lockdown in Bielefeld, Germany in 2020.

After Olli wrote "You", he sent the track to Björn for a comment and constructive feedback. He knew and respected him as a music producer.


They were aware of each other's existence but had never met in person before.

Björn listened and arranged how he felt the song - the parasyte found its new host.

Half a year later, Olli and Björn met in real life for the first time. Olli had now written 23 songs and

thanks to modern technologies and virtual data exchange, the two were able to produce and finishing the songs without spending a single second in the same room. It went beyond just friendship, culminating in a close brotherhood. United in a perfect musical symbiosis !


We have something here that needed a name, born during a global pandemic, at a time when culture and music had to breathe deeply and quietly, it felt like something was rising from the ashes. But not like a virus beyond Covid itself, it was something else. Alive and organic, grown with heart and love. It needs our energy and our best to evolve, Parasyte Eve.


Andreas and Björn have been closely connected for many years and work together as musicians on stage and in the studio on a wide variety of crossover music projects.

After listening to all the material, he was immediately hooked and brought his skill and musical experience to Parasyte Eve.


There are only a few moments in a Lifetime, when everything falls into place and life's darkest moments are illuminated.

So they took the chance, wrote down their hearts and souls and rocked the world to tear down Walls of suffering and doubts. Up to this point, three experienced men, professional musicians, fathers and husbands who share their stories and are willing to go far to get this kind of music where it belongs. Several attempts to enlarge the band failed. Parasyte Eve were complete as a trio without knowing it before. But this is definitely not a permanent condition. Who knows the future?


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